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  • MAGNUM PLUS (TK 70036)[pdf, 1078kb]
  • SUPERFREEZER (TK 70049)[pdf, 286kb]
  • GENERATOR SETS SG-3000 & SG-4000 (TK 70021)[pdf, 700kb]
  • TELEMATICS FOR GENSETS (TK 70035)[pdf, 572kb]
  • TELEMATICS FOR GENSETS: Features & Specifications (TK 70041)[pdf, 268kb]
  • RMM+ (TK 70046)[pdf, 246KB]
  • AFTERMARKET (TK 70037)[pdf, 1401kb]
  • AFTERMARKET: Spare Parts and Consumables (TK 70042)[pdf, 382kb]
  • AFTERMARKET: Genuine Parts for your Carrier Units (TK 70043)[pdf, 203kb]
  • AFTERMARKET: Worldwide contacts (TK 70044)[pdf, 182kb]
  • AFAM- advanced fresh air management (TK 51379)[pdf, 349kb]
  • AFAM+ Setting Guide (TK 51318)[pdf, 333kb]

Operator Manuals

  • MagnumPlus - Operator’s Manual[pdf, 1Mb]

20/40 Newsletter

  • 20/40 Summer 2016[pdf, 1.2Mb]
  • 20/40 Winter 2015[pdf, 1.2Mb]
  • 20/40 Summer 2015[pdf, 1.2Mb]
  • 20/40 Intermodal 2016[pdf, 1778KB]
  • 20/40 Spring 2015[pdf, 1.12Mb]
  • 20/40 Intermodal 2014[pdf, 3.7Mb]
  • 20/40 Summer 2014[pdf, 17.6Mb]
  • 20/40 Spring 2014[pdf, 817Kb]
  • 20/40 Intermodal 2013[pdf, 731Kb]
  • 20/40 Summer 2013[pdf, 2.4Mb]
  • 20/40 Autumn 2012[pdf, 1Mb]
  • 20/40 Winter 2012[pdf, 894Kb]
  • 20/40 Summer 2011[pdf, 1Mb]
  • 20/40 Winter 2011[pdf, 987Kb]
  • 20/40 Spring 2010[pdf, 16.4Mb]
  • 20/40 Winter 2010[pdf, 3.1Mb]

News Releases

  • New Thermo King Active Controlled Atmosphere Solution Extends Shipping Distance and Maintains Quality of Fresh Goods[pdf, 130kb]
  • Thermo King Highlights Advanced Marine Solutions at Intermodal South America[pdf, 100kb]
  • Thermo King Delivers Peace of Mind with CARB Compliant Genset Platform[pdf, 114kb]
  • Japan's Kyowa Shipping Expands Fleet with MAGNUM PLUS Reefers[pdf, 111kb]
  • New Thermo King Passive Refrigeration Concept Delivers Continuous Cold Chain Operations[pdf, 49kb]
  • Thermo King Offers New Choices to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Related to Intermodal and Marine Transport Refrigeration[pdf, 103kb]
  • Thermo King Advances Temperature Control Technology through Revolutionary Solutions Introduced at Intermodal Europe[pdf, 100kb]

Other Publications

  • Global Marine Solutions Service Directory[pdf, 1.5Mb]