New Magnum shipping container being used in Puerto Rico


From bananas to fish to ice cream, and everything in between, Thermo King has you covered. Its proven reefer line offers advanced technology, optimal cooling, tight temperature control, reduced energy consumption, and an environmental footprint that’s hard to beat.



    Introduced in 2009, the MAGNUM PLUS® became the industry standard when it raised the bar for reefer efficiency, performance, operability and reliability. Featuring the elite MP-4000 controller and efficient scroll compressor, MAGNUM PLUS provides an industry-low -40 C set point, fast pull down, a homogenous floor spread and the tightest temperature control available.


    Offering flexibility to shippers of all sizes and specialties, the MAGNUM PLUS can handle any load, fresh to frozen. This includes valuable seafood and sushi-grade fish that need low temperature transport as well as fresh produce such as broccoli or bananas that rely on fast pull-down, even box temperatures and ideal atmospheric conditions.

    Telematics Compatible
    The MAGNUM PLUS® integrates a remote monitoring power modem and can interface with advanced wireless remote monitoring systems for one-way and two-way communication. It is the industry benchmark in efficiency, performance, operability and reliability.